Tidy Seed® Bird Feeder - The No Mess Bird Feeder


Deborah, Medford, Oregon

I just want to say that your feeders are wonderful. [I have six of them and] I am very pleased.

Rick Horvitz (Golden Cockatoo)

"Some products don't need to be discounted, especially those from great brands and high quality manufacturers. [Tidy Seed is one of them.]"

John Torkington (Bonka Bird Toys)

"I definitely think this is the Rolls Royce of exotic bird feeders."

Jo Ann, Casstown, Ohio

I just wanted to let you know we received the feeder, and we love it! Our cockatiel went right to it.

Diane Wilen, Franktown, CO

Our two Tidy Seed® feeders got here and my Quaker figured his out immediately. It took my sun conure a bit longer, but he's got it now! Great idea!

Ms. Belanger

Thank you so much for inventing this awesome product! My cockatiels absolutely love it and I love it because there is so much less mess on my floor, and less days of stepping on pellets! I recently got a new cockatiel...now they are both eating inside of it okay, thank God! Thanks again for this product it's very well made and I would never buy another food dish again.


My canary totally loves this Tidy Seed® feeder.

Pat in Biloxi MS

Thank you for the wonderful feeder.  I ordered two a couple weeks ago and was amazed at how fast we received them.  One was for my cockatiel and one for my sister’s parakeet.  My little guy was in right away, and really likes it.  It took the parakeet a few days, but he finally got his nerve up and now enjoys it also.  We like the fact that seed isn’t everywhere.  Everyone needs Tidy Seed.  Thanks again. 

Linda Clements, Louisville KY

I love this feeder!  Before Tidy Seed my two cockatiels threw out as much food as I put in. I haven’t had to clean up food from my carpet since I started using Tidy Seed. They went right into this new feeder and acted like they had been using one all along. This has been one of my most successful purchases I have ever made. Thank you again.

Alix Kuhn, Toronto, Canada

I have two birds, Tiko, my African Grey and Cooper, my Senegal parrot. Before I got Tidy Seed feeders Tiko threw his food everywhere. Some days I had to fill his food bowl two or more times in a single day. Now that I have Tidy Seed, Tiko no longer wastes his food and Cooper likes his new Tidy Seed feeder as well; which will save me a lot on bird food. Tidy Seed is the best invention ever, and it pays for itself.

Liat Reichman, Staten Island, NY

Hi! First of all, this contraption is brilliant. I think if more people knew it was out there we would have more bird owners! The number one hesitation I had to owning a bird was the mess. So thanks for allowing me to have Mr. Bird (my cockatiel) in my life!


I love my Tidy Seed! It is wonderful. Tidy Seed makes my life way easier! I hear my bird take her beak and flick the seed around and I don't have to worry about a mess on the floor. My life is not consumed with the broom in my hand everyday. I am happy, happy, happy! Thanks.

Diane Hobbs

Hi, I originally purchased your large feeder as soon as they became available. My original purpose was to contain the vast wasted quantities of feed my African Gray "Valentino" wasted all the time. And I wanted to minimize the mess. To his great joy Valentino has also found a wonderful new toy in Tidy Seed. He loves to sit in it and talk to himself and listen to the echo! What a wonderful unexpected plus. I am always looking for ways to entertain him while I'm at work. What a wonderful product. It does everything I hoped it would and then some. It did take him about two weeks to get used to it but he is a Grey after all. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Rick Georges

"I don't often make testimonials; but, as you can see from the attached photo, my parrots are loving the Tidy Seed feeders. And, I don't have to sweep up the floor every morning when I come in to the office anymore. I am a happy camper, and I appreciate the quality and cleverness of your product. Nova, Rio and Pinot love it too. Thanks. "

Judy For Corkie

"Corkie, my sweetheart can't write; but almost, so I'm writing for her. She loves Tidy Seed. It is easy to use and there is absolutely no mess. I've saved so much money by not throwing away her food that Tidy Seed has paid for itself in just two months. Wow! What a product."


"Your Tidy Seed Large feeder is perfect for my Blue Front. I am saving money and (smile) I don't have to clean up every day. Thank you for this wonderful feeder."


"I just wanted to say how much we love Tidy Seed. Not only does it work exactly like it says, but it keeps the cage so much cleaner. What a wonderful product. I recommend Tidy seed to anyone who has a bird."

Lauren Lewis

"I am so excited to finally have a no mess bird feeder! My Gouldians LOVE Tidy Seed!"

Shirley Jeup

"The engineering of this marvel is fabulous. There is no where to improve on it. What a wonderful invention. No mess! It's superior to anything else on the market."


"My cockatiel, Sweetie, is so easy to care for with Tidy Seed. I give it a five-star rating for sure."


"Tidy seed is awesome and I would recommend it for everyone."


"This is the first time I've had finches without all the 'seed mess' associated with birds. Tidy Seed works!"

Britt T. Rockford, MI

"Beaker, our bird, was tossing out half of his food. Our crawling baby tries to eat bird's discarded food! We were at the breaking point. Then our Tidy Seed arrived. It is amazing. It has been a week and I have not had to get the vacuum out. Although the Tidy Seed is much more expensive than a traditional cheap plastic feeder, it is clear to me that the construction of this feeder is of high quality and it works. We just love Tidy Seed and wanted to let you know it is a great product!"

Sherri Abbott

"I bought 3 Tidy Seed feeders today and I should have bought more. As soon as I put them on the cages, my Quakers started using them. Anyone that has small to medium sized birds will absolutely LOVE Tidy Seed!"

Miki (Chicago)

"I love it! Tidy Seed is the best product for smaller birds ever!"


"My canaries are no longer making a mess. Tidy Seed is the very best thing that has happened to the bird industry in years!"


"I bought two of your Tidy Seed bird feeders. I'm sooooo happy with the results. Everyone should have these for their birds!"


"I want you to know Tidy Seed is one of the best items I have EVER purchased. Let me repeat, this is one of the best products I have ever bought! I will buy more of them when I get other birds."


"We have a parakeet and a parrotlet. They get in their respective Tidy Seed feeders and sing. We joke and say that we added a sun room to their cages. Thank you for Tidy Seed."

Cathy Barefoot Bay, FL

"I LOVE your Tidy Seed bird feeder. I am using it for our finch cage and for our cockatiel. The birds love it. I love it. Great invention."


"After buying one Tidy Seed and putting it in my Java Rice Finch Cage, I knew immediately, I should have bought more! These are fantastic. No mess!"

Margaret Hill

"I really like my Tidy Seed feeders and would like to see others discover it too. It will change their lives."


"Tidy Seed meets and exceeds our expectations."


"Tidy Seed feeders are really amazing! They keep my little budgies seeds off the floor. Thank you for inventing such a great product for small birds."


"I love my Tidy Seed! When I come home from work I don't have pellets all over the room. What a great product!"


"I thought that my Senegal Parrot might be too large for Tidy Seed; but that was not the case. Tidy Seed works GREAT! I sure do love it when a product works as promised!"

Karla G, Montrose, CO

"Out of frustration, I recently purchased a Tidy Seed feeder for my bird. It works amazingly well and is worth every penny I spent. I wish I had purchased the feeder when I first saw it in Bird Talk magazine. There is virtually no wasted food on the bottom of the cage or on the floor. Thank you for such a simple, practical product."

Regards, Jenny

"Now that I have Tidy Seed feeders I could never live without them. My Pineapple Conure loves Tidy Seed. He jumps over into it and munches down. The less mess is incredible and I am so glad I ran into you at the Memphis Bird Fair. Thank you for an awesome product that we will for sure recommend."


"What a mess I had before I purchased two of the [Tidy Seed Original size] feeders. I am very delighted with them. I placed them inside the cage. My cockatiels are eating right out of their new dishes. With no seeds on the floor! A great product."

Debbie & Troy with Scentsy candles

"We purchased Tidy Seed Large at the Orlando bird show and want you to know that our African Grey LOVES it as much, if not more, than we do! He stays in it all the time. The saving on bird food alone is great! Not to mention clean up is a breeze and not an all day thing now. I recommend Tidy Seed feeders to everyone who has a bird!"


"I live in an old city apartment. My two cockatiels are messy eaters. With traditional feeders, mice were an issue. No matter how thoroughly I got rid of the mice, the scattered seed eventually brought in a mouse or two. Now that I have Tidy Seed there is no mess, no mice, and the birds love Tidy Seed Feeders. Tidy Seed Original has saved me so much over the last few weeks I had to share. Best Invention Ever!"

Jennifer McG

"Thank you so much for creating the Large Tidy Seed Bird Feeder. I bought four of them. It took a little training for my African Grey. I started out by putting his treats in the front of the feeder and gradually moved the treats to the back of the feeder. Then I added his pellets, fruit and veggies. Now he automatically eats out of the feeder with no problem. It's a lifesaver when I give him pomegranate seeds. Tidy Seed Large really keeps the mess contained in the feeder. Thanks again."


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